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Surplus centrifuges manufactured by Evodos, Alfa Laval and GEA Westfalia available for harvesting of micro algae.  Quick delivery and low prices when compared to new centrifuges.

Decanter and disk-stack centrifuges are used for separation of fine solids (yeast, pulp, grain, etc.) from beer, wine and fruit juices as part of the production process. Eliminates or reduces the need for filters and their recurring costs.

Kyte Centrifuge offers reconditioned centrifuges for biodiesel applications. Our centrifuges are suitable for instantaneous and continuous separations in the biodiesel process. Centrifuges supplied by Kyte Centrifuge are currently being used for: Pre-treatment of Feedstock including: Separation of gums (degumming), solids, water, and soap stock from un-refined vegetable oils, yellow grease, brown grease (trap grease), waste vegetable […]

Decanter centrifuges are used for separation of solids from weighted and unweighted drilling muds, barite recovery, and separation of oil based drilling mud from cuttings.  Solids control is crucial to maintaining proper mud characteristics including extending the life of the drill bit.  New and reconditioned centrifuges are available with quick delivery.  We can offer decanters which […]

Decanter centrifuges are used for continuous dewatering of spent grain and cellulosic ethanol slurries post-fermentation. Decanter centrifuges offer a high degree of dry cake solids with low energy consumption when compared to other drying technologies.  This increases value as an animal feed. Reduced solids in the fermentation liquid enable higher concentrations to be produced by […]

Decanter, solid bowl basket, and disk-stack centrifuges are used for separation of water and solids from industrial machining coolants as well as fuel, turbine and lube oils. Both solids-retaining and self-cleaning disk stack models are available.  Sizes range from 1 – 300 GPM. Purified coolants and lube oils can be recycled thereby reducing your plant’s […]

Hydrovac or Hydro Excavation waste water or mud, is the result of injecting pressurized water into the ground through a hose; liquefying the soil into a slurry mix. The wet soil or “mud slurry” is then sucked up using a high capacity vacuum pumping system and stored in a truck. The resulting hydro waste slurry must be […]

Dewatering of  flushed dairy, swine, cattle, poultry or other animal manure waste, older lagoons sludges, or to dewater aerobic or anaerobic digester sludge. Eliminates thousands of gallons of water applied to the fields.  The manure separator solids dry cake at up to 31% dry material can still be aplied to the fields, if desired, without […]

Decanter and disk stack centrifuges are used for separation of water and solids from rendered fats, blood, grease, and oil in both edible and in-edible rendering. Also used for fat, oil and grease (F.O.G.) recovery from a DAF wastewater system.

Kyte Centrifuge now offers reconditioned and new centrifuges engineered for solvent extraction of CBD (cannabidiol) oil from hemp.  We also offer centrifuges for separation of CBD isolate as part of the production process.  Special design considerations must be made when using centrifuges in Class 1 Div. 1 explosion-proof and vapor tight design requirements. Our company […]

Decanter and disk-stack centrifuges are used for separation of solids and water from trap greases (brown grease, yellow grease, etc.) Separation of minor oil & water emulsions is possible. No filter media, screens or clothes used. No full time operator required. Reduces polymer & lime consumption as part of the water treatment process, thereby reducing […]

Decanter and disk-stack centrifuges are used routinely in the vegetable oil refining process, whether it is for use in biodiesel or food production. Applications include: Clarification of press oil.  Continuous separation of meal solids, foots, and gums. Water Degumming.  Separation of hydratable gums (phosphalipids) and other solubles. Acid Degumming.  Separation on non-water soluble gums Neutralization […]

Decanter, solid bowl basket and disk-stack centrifuges are used to clarify, classify, thicken, dewater many waste sludges including those generated by the industrial, water treatment and municipal sewage treatment markets.