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Kyte Centrifuge has many centrifuges available from our own inventory along with over 2000 surplus centrifuges located world-wide manufactured by Sharples, Alfa Laval, GEA Westfalia, Bird, Flottweg, Centrisys, Broadbent, Tomoe, IHI, Pennwalt, Escher-Wyss, Tema, Krauss Maffei, Dorr Oliver, Tolhurst, Ametek, Ketema, Sanborn, Western States, Hutchinson-Hayes, Derrick, G-tech, Swaco, Andritz, and many more.

Due to the large number of centrifuges available, not all are listed in our inventory section.

If you need help locating a specific centrifuge to meet your application requirements, please contact us.

Used, functional Sharples P19, 125/1 ratio gearbox.  In-stock, F.O.B. – Conroe, TX.

NEW!  Un-used gearbox for Alfa Laval Aldec 10.  46/1 ratio.  In-stock, F.O.B. – Conroe, TX.

New, never used Alfa Laval 10.0 kN-M gearbox.  59:1 ratio.  Attractive pricing when compared to OEM prices.

Alfa Laval 2.5 kN-M Gearbox.  159/1 ratio.

NEW!  Alfa Laval 3.5 kN-M “DD” gearbox. 1 : 52 ratio.  In-stock and ready to ship!

Alfa Laval 3.5 kN-M Gearbox. 57 : 1 ratio.

Used Alfa Laval AFPX-810.  Build in 2015.  Concentrator bowl design.  Last used in Fish Oil.

Gently used Alfa Laval Aldec 10 (NX-904) decanter centrifuge.  Manufactured in 2010.  Max bowl speed:  5,300 RPM.  200 mm x 709 mm bowl dimensions.  10 degree beach angle.  45.6/1 ratio planetary gearbox.  316 stainless steel contact parts.  TM40 flame sprayed tungsten carbide wear protection on conveyor and feed zone.

Reconditioned Alfa Laval and Westfalia centrifuges and separators for biodiesel separations. These centrifuges are capable of instantaneous and continuous separation of water, solids, glycerin and other contaminants from various feedstocks (WVO, animal fats, vegetable oils, yellow grease, trap grease, brown grease, etc.) and produced biodiesel. Please contact us for a recommendation based on your specific […]

Alfa Laval B-214 Biodiesel / Vegetable Oil Centrifuge. Excellent for biodiesel/glycerin separation, biodiesel/waterwash separation, vegetable oil water washing, and fuel oil purification. Rated for 300 GPM on diesel fuel. 40 HP motor, clutch drive design. Can be converted to direct drive and explosion proof.  

Alfa Laval NX-314 decanters available. 14″ x 34″ bowl dimensions, 8.5 degree beach. 70 mm or 110 mm conveyor pitch. Hard-facing or tiled wear protection on conveyor. 2.5 kN-M gearbox. All stainless steel production contact areas. Can be rebuilt to your specifications. Note attached pictures of typical reconditioned machines offered by Kyte.

Nine (9) used Alfa Laval DMNX 418 decanter centrifuges set-up for oilfield drilling mud applications. Complete with explosion proof controls, 40 HP main drive motor, 15 HP back drive motor, 5 speed adjustable back drive, high-torque 3.5 kN-M gearboxes, tiled conveyors all mounted to and oilfield skid.  460-480V, 3 ph, 60 Hz.  Optional progressive cavity feed pump […]

Alfa Laval NX-912 (also known as an Aldec 20) 3-phase tricanter for separation of oil, water and solids.  20 HP main drive motor.  10 HP back drive motor.  575 V, 3-phase, 60 hz (ideal for Canada).  Motors can be changed out or step-up transformer used for customers with lower supply voltages.  4,400 RPM max. bowl […]

Description: (3) ALFA LAVAL-SHARPLES  Model DS-706  Dewatering Centrifuges.  300 HP main-drive, 460/3/60.  75 HP back-drive motor.  One spare rotating assembly.  Last used in municipal wastewater treatment sludge dewatering.

Do you have a cracked base?  We have a spare base for Sharples P-5000 decanter in-stock.  F.O.B. – Amarillo, TX.

Bird 18″ x 54″.  Stainless steel.  Optional SA-69 or PA-69 gearbox.  Pictures to follow soon.

Bird 24 x 38 centrifuge.  Stainless steel construction.  10 degree beach.  Gearbox located on solids-discharge end, feed tube on liquid discharge end.

Three (3) machines available. Bird 40″ x 60″ decanter centrifuge. 15/3 degree beach. Stainless steel construction. 116/1 gearbox ratio. 12″ double lead conveyor with hard-surfacing.

Bird 18″ x 54″ decanter centrifuge.  Bird model code 2500-C (manufactured in Canada at Andritz-Bird’s Saskatoon plant location).  316 stainless steel product contact parts.  PA69H gearbox, 140/1 ratio.  Max. bowl speed:  3,500 RPM.  

Bird 30″ X 96″ high “G” decanters in stainless construction with 10 degree contour bowls, suitable for operation at 2550 X “G”. Gearbox 75/1 ratio, very attractive pricing. Model 4900. Built in 1986 for ethanol plant and regularly maintained by Bird, 200 HP main drive, 460/3/60, with 40 HP Eddy Current Brake Backdrive, lube system. […]

Nine (9) Brandt NOV HS-3400 decanter centrifuges.  F.O.B. – Conroe, Texas – USA.  In-stock.  Complete reconditioning services available on request.

Derrick DE1000 decanter centrifuge.  52/1 ratio gearbox.  Tiled conveyor.  4.25″ conveyor pitch spacing.  Ideal for oilfield drilling mud use.  Can be sold used, as-is, or rebuilt to your specifications.  Priced to sell!

Used surplus Evodos Type 25. Last used for dewatering and harvesting of poly-culture algae. Machine includes stainless steel plat-from / stand and feed-pump. The clarified water is discharged by means of a centripetal pump. Please contact us for price and technical specifications. Substantial price reduction versus the cost of a new machine with immediate delivery […]

Like new GEA CF-4000 decanter centrifuge.  Last used on dewatering micro algae.

GEA Westfalia MSD 300-01-177 or 777 separator for sale.

Multiple surplus GEA Westfalia OSC-50-01 for sale.  Rated for Class 1, Div. 1 environment.  Please contact us for details.

GEA Westfalia SA1 separator available for purchase or pilot testing.  The centrifuge can be configured as a clarifier (separation of one solid phase from one liquid phase) or separator (separation of two liquid phases from one solid phase).  Application flow rates vary from 0.5 GPM – 2 GPM.  3 HP motor, 230/460V, 3-phase, 60 cycle.

Westfalia SA45-03-076 3-way liquid/liquid/solid separator featuring centripetal pump (paring disc) discharge of the heavy phase fluid and open-cover gravity discharge of the light phase fluid. Machine includes control panel. No tools reported. All-stainless steel product contact areas. Can be used for food-grade or non-food grade. Ideal for using on biodiesel, trap grease, rendered fats, oil/water/solids […]

Ten (10) used Mi Swaco CD 500 decanter centrifuges.  Last used in oilfield drilling mud separation.  Complete with motors.  460-480V, 3-phase, 60 Hz.  No control system.  We can offer and sell new controls on request.

REBUILT Sharples-Alfa Laval P-5400 (same as SG-14 or PM70000) decanter centrifuge complete with brand-new controls, motors, and lube system.  460-480V.  Semi-sanitary.  All 316/317 stainless steel product contact areas. Sharples P-180, 95/1 ratio gearboxes.  Tiled conveyors.  Both 5″ and 8.5″ pitch scroll-conveyors available.  All F.O.B. – Texas.  Included items:  NEMA-12 Enclosure featuring and Allen Bradley PLC, […]

Rebuilt OSB-35 disk stack centrifuge complete with motor and set of tools.  In-stock, F.O.B. – Winter Haven, FL.

Reconditioned for a customer in 2017 and never used.  Control system brand-new, built in 2017 and never installed.  Perfect for separation of two (2) liquid phases and fine solids.  Can be used for vegetable oil degumming, oil/water separation and more.

Reconditioned Sharples P-5400. Complete machine, less motors, controls, and lube system.  P180, 47/1 ratio gearbox.  5″ conveyor pitch spacing with tiles.  360 degree solids discharge.  Six (6) month warranty included.

Reconditioned Westfalia SA-40-03-177 disk stack centrifuge for three-phase separation (light liquid, heavy liquid and solids). Machine features a centripetal pump discharge of the heavy phase liquid and gravity discharge of the light phase liquid. Belt drive design. Special tools, controls and warranty included.

Fully remanufactured/recondtioned sanitary / edible Alfa Laval – Sharples P-3400 decanter centrifuge for food-grade serve.  40 HP main-drive and 15 HP back drive motors.  460/3/60.  On stainless steel stand with casters for mobility.  Six (6) month warranty on centrifuge and twelve (12) month warranty on control system and motors. Ideal for pea protein, whey protein […]

F.O.B. – Florida.  Last used in trap grease / wastewater reclamation service.

Two (2) Sharples PM-55000 decanter centrifuge.  24″ x 76″ bowl.  Max. RPM:  2,850.  Max. G-force: 2,770 x G.  304 stainless steel construction and product contact areas.  STC tiled conveyor.  P90, 98/1 ratio gearbox rated for up to 90,000 inch-lbs of torque.  10 degree beach angle.  8″ single lead conveyor pitch. Ideally suited for oilfield, horizontal […]

Reconditioned Sharples P-2000 decanter centrifuge. 14″ x 22″ bowl dimensions. 10 degree beach. 4000 RPM maximum bowl speed. 3180 x G maximum G-force. All stainless steel product contact areas. Available with P-52, 125 or 165 : 1 gear ratios. 20 HP main drive motor. 7.5 HP back drive motor. Control panel with variable frequency drives […]

P-3000 decanter centrifuge. 14″ x 30″ bowl dimensions. 10 degree beach. 4000 RPM maximum bowl speed. 3180 x G maximum G-force. All stainless steel product contact areas. Available with P-52, 125 or 165 : 1 gear ratios. 25 or 30 HP main drive motor. 7.5 or 10 HP back drive motor. Control panel with variable […]

Sharples P-3400 decanter centrifuge. Stainless steel product contact parts. 14″ x 48″ bowl dimensions. 10 degree beach. 4000 RPM max. bowl speed. (Same as Sharples PM30000)

Sharples P-35000 (17″ x 50″) decanter centrifuge. All stainless steel product contact areas. Tiled conveyor. 360 degree discharge. P-125 gearbox (125 : 1 ratio). Stainless steel cover.

Two (2) Sharples P-5000 decanter centrifuges. P-180 gearboxes reported. Stainless steel rotating assemblies. 25″ x 66″ bowl dimensions. Ideal “big bowl” decanter for oilfield drilling mud. Last used in ethanol DDGS separation.

Sharples P-5000 for use in food-grade / sanitary applications.  Typically ideal for large-scale separations of 50 – 150 GPM flow range.  Bowl dimensions are 25″ x 66″.  Max. G-force:  3,180 x G.  P-180 (180,000 inch-pound rating), 95/1 ratio planetary gearbox.  All 316 stainless steel contact parts including a stainless steel base.  This can be offered […]

Sharples P-660 decanter centrifuge.  6″ x 15″ bowl dimensions.  10 degree beach.  6,000 RPM (max).  3,180 x G-force (max).  316 stainless steel product contact areas.  7.5 HP main drive motor.  3 HP back drive motor.  Ideal for pilot, lab scale operations or production flow rates not exceeding 3 GPM.  Machine in very good condition.

Sharples P660 decanter centrifuge. 6″ x 15″ bowl dimensions. Rated for 3,180 x G-force at 6000 RPM. Stainless steel product contact areas. On stand with motors. 7.5 HP main drive motor.  3 HP back drive motor.  460-480V, 3 phase , 60 Hz.  Contact us for additional details.  F.O.B. Amarillo, Texas.

Sharples P-1000 (14″ x 22″ bowl dimensions) decanter centrifuge available for rental. Ideal for pilot testing. 3250 maximum RPM (bowl speed). 2,200 x G-force. 20 HP main-drive motor. 7.5 HP back-drive motor. 460/480 volt, 3-phase input power required. Controls include ABB VFD’s, Allen Bradley PLC, and Maple Leaf touch-screen in an all-weather enclosure. Call for […]

Sharples-Alfa Laval PM-38000 Decanter Centrifuge.

Tema – Siebtechnik H-700 Screen Scroll Centrifuge.

Newly redesigned solid bowl basket centrifuges specially designed for the separation of animal wastes, without the use of polyelectrolytes or any other additive. Click picture for more information. NSF / EPA TESTED AND VERIFIED FOR ANIMAL WASTE SEPARATIONS. The Triton Separator, a solid bowl basket centrifuge, can be used on flushed dairy, swine, cattle, poultry […]

Two (2) new, never used Western States Q-120 perforate basket centrifuges.  Built in 2019 and never installed.  Rated Class 1. Div. 1 explosion-proof.  Contact use for details.

Westfalia SA-1-02 self-cleaning disk stack centrifuge.  Perfect for lab-scale three-phase (liquid/liquid/solids) separation of oils, water, and solids.

Reconditioned Westfalia (GEA) SA14-06-076 centrifuge.  This machine has been completely reconditioned and will be supplied with a warranty.  Mounted to mobile cart with casters.  Brand-new, modern controls will be fabricated in accordance with customer specifications.  7.5 HP dual-voltage motor.  Converted to direct-drive design for use with a VFD.  Last used in wine clarification.  Excellent for […]