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Hydrovac or Hydro Excavation waste water or mud, is the result of injecting pressurized water into the ground through a hose; liquefying the soil into a slurry mix. The wet soil or “mud slurry” is then sucked up using a high capacity vacuum pumping system and stored in a truck. The resulting hydro waste slurry must be dewatered and treated before the water can be discharged to a stormwater drain.

Kyte Centrifuge has developed a process by which hydrovac waste slurries can be dewatered and remediated. This satisfies state EPA requirements for wastewater discharge. By dewatering these slurries in-house rather than paying for disposal to a third party (or worse…paying fines to the EPA), the cost savings can easily justify the purchase price of the equipment and improve your company’s bottom line.

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