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Dewatering of  flushed dairy, swine, cattle, poultry or other animal manure waste, older lagoons sludges, or to dewater aerobic or anaerobic digester sludge.

Eliminates thousands of gallons of water applied to the fields.  The manure separator solids dry cake at up to 31% dry material can still be aplied to the fields, if desired, without overloading fields with water creating runoff.  No more worries about “saturated” fields.

Removes typically 70 – 85% of suspended solids in fresh flushed dairy or swine manure waste without chemical flocculant addition or DAF system (although better results are achievable as part of a DAF system).  Test reports available.  Lower or higher removal rates possible on request, via changes in feed rate, machine size or G force.

Completed NSF / EPA testing at North Carolina State University with the full size TS-5000 manure separator.  Verification report has been published verifying the suitability of the Triton Separator for removing suspended solids from fresh flushed swine manure waste.  ONLY manure separation device to date to be NSF verified.

Wide range of manure slurry feed rates, feed solids concentrations and feed materials can be accepted.  Minor coarse prescreening recommended, only, for large debris such as rocks, large sand particles, and misc. debris.

NITROGEN – PHOSPHORUS:   Approximately 25% of Nitrogen and 50% of phosphorus are removed when at least 70% of the suspended manure solids are separated.  Results are much better when chemical flocculants or a DAF system is used incorporating centrifuge technology.

Great flexibility with process requirements for solids discharge. Can dewater fresh flushed swine manure solids to about 30% dry solids  or thicken to about 5% – 10% per process requirements.  Any level between 5 – 30% can be obtained by easy adjustments.

No full time operator required for continuous operation.  Easy to use.

No filter media to blind. No screens or filter cloths to replace.

All stainless steel contact parts make the machine resistant to corrosion.

Leasing available through an independent leasing company.

Pilot size machines available for short term rental and test trials.  All pilot test data can be directly scaled up to production feed rates.