This centrifuge has been designed for beer filtration and clarification of beverages. We have two identical units for sale and both are made in year 2006, hydraulic capacity is 700 hl/h. The self-cleaning bowl makes the machine suitable for fully automatic cleaning – in – place (CIP). Opening and closing of the bowl for discharging the solids takes place hydraulically using water. The feed and discharge are in a closed system. The product feed and discharges in the bowl are hydrohermetically sealed and do not feature mechanical seals. All product-contacting parts are made of stainless steel; the gaskets conform to the requirements of food operations. The delivery includes separator, valve panel and control panel. The machines are in excellent condition.

Manufacturer: GEA Westfalia Germany

Year of manufacturing: 2006

Type: GSE 200 – 06 – 777

Capacity: Up to 700 hl / hour

Electric drive: 75 kW

Bowl speed: 4800 rpm

Bowl diameter: 1300 mm

Relative density of solids removed: min 1.3 kg/l

Relative density of suspension: max 1.1 kg/l

Control PLC: Siemens S7

Separator weight: 4050 kg